VDRC Definitions

VDRC Libraries:

VT = ViennaTiles Library
KK = phiC31 RNAi Library
GD = P-Element RNAi Library

Definition of ON Targets:

ON-target is any gene that contains a perfect match to at least 50% of a construct's sense 19-mers (25% of all 19-mers)

Definition of OFF Targets:

OFF-target is any gene hit by fewer than 50% of a construct's sense 19-mers, but at least one

Definition of s19 score:

s19 = ∑ ON-target matches / ( ∑ ON-target matches + ∑ OFF-target matches)

Definition of Verification Status (VT Library):

verified = sequence of insertion has been verified as correct from both ends of the transgene
suspicious = sequence of insertion has not been fully verified
unverified = insertion has yet to be sequenced

Information about viability of VDRC RNAi lines:

All of our lines are balanced. Lines either homozygous lethal or sterile are kept over the balancers (CyO for the 2nd chromosome; TM3, Sb for the 3rd chromosome). Stocks that are viable have been made homozygous.

Sterile lines are kept over the balancers. In these stocks there are both homozygous (these flies are sterile) and heterozygous flies for the UAS-IR insertion (over the CyO or TM3). For your RNAi experiments please use flies over the balancers and screen the progeny against the balancer.

Lethal lines are kept over the balancers. In these lines all the flies are either over the CyO or CyO balancer depending on the insertion chromosome. In these stocks homozygous flies (no balancer) survive rarely.

The red eye color - marks the successful insertion of the UAS-IR in the genome. As long as you do not find a fly with white eyes, you can be sure that there is no contamination in the stock. The eye color can vary from dark red to very light red. Even in the same stock the eye color can vary.

Insertions on the 1st chromosome are not balanced, and we keep these strains by crossing the RNAi males to X-compound virgins. In this case only the males have red eyes, never the females. Since these virgins (C(1)DX / winscy, hs-hid) are rather weak, we suggest adding fresh virgins every time you flip the RNAi stock on fresh food to ensure survival of the line. Or even better, balance the line with the 1st chromosome balancer. You can get a stock of (C(1)DX / winscy, hs-hid) in the other stock section (Stock Number 60006).

All the UAS-IR insertion sites are mapped only to the chromosome (1, 2 or 3). We do not have data on specific location on the chromosome.

The phenotype (viable, lethal, sterile) we refer in our database for every line, it is due to the insertion site of the UAS-IR, not due the induction with the Gal4.