fTRG Fosmid Construct Library

The tagged fosmid constructs are created, maintained and distributed via the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics (MPI-CBG).
The Drosophila genome contains >13,000 protein-coding genes, the majority of which remain poorly investigated, for reasons such as the lack of antibodies or reporter constructs to visualise these proteins. To help address this, the Drosophila TransgeneOme project generated a genome-wide collection of engineered fosmid constructs (fTRG fosmid constructs). 
The fTRG fosmid construct library consists of 10,000 GFP-tagged clones, comprising tagged genes and most of their regulatory information (Sarov et al., 2016). Each genomic fosmid construct contains a multi-epitope tag for generating a specific protein with a tag at its C-terminus, the majority with the 2XTY1-SGFP-V5-preTEV-BLRP-3XFLAG tag. These constructs can be used to generate transgenic Drosophila stocks for a variety of downstream applications.
Please note:
The VDRC does not store or distribute the fTRG fosmid constructs but enables you to search for constructs of interest (e.g. via gene name, CG number etc) and find the link for ordering specific constructs via
A subset of these fTRG fosmid constructs were used to generate transgenic Drosophila stocks and are available to order from the VDRC: