Citing VDRC

Continuation of funding for VDRC by the City of Vienna and the Austrian Ministry of Science is dependent on documented evidence of contributions to scientific output. Therefore, we request you to acknowledge the VDRC when you obtain resources from us.


For RNAi lines, please cite Dietzl et al [Nature 448,151-156,12 Jul 2007] and acknowledge the VDRC.

In any publications or patent applications resulting from the use of "Other Resources" please be sure to give credit to the correct people. You must acknowledge the Provider as the source and VDRC as the supplier of the resource and cite relevant publications from the Provider Scientist in any publication.

For all other resources, a simple statement is sufficient and can either be placed in the Materials and Methods section or in the Acknowledgements.


Suggested format:

Transgenic fly stocks and/or plasmids were obtained from the Vienna Drosophila Resource Center (VDRC,