About VDRC

The Vienna Drosophila Resource Center (VDRC) is a professionally organized bioresource center of international significance that aims to promote scientific discoveries in Drosophila melanogaster. Our primary aim is to maintain unique transgenic Drosophila stocks and DNA resources and to distribute them both locally and worldwide. We also acquire, create, and develop new resources, according to emerging new technologies and the needs of the local and international Drosophila research community.

For more information, please visit the VDRC section of the Vienna BioCenter website.


About our resources and services

The Vienna Drosophila Resource Center (VDRC) is a non-profit bioresource center which aims to promote scientific discoveries in Drosophila. For this we offer a number of resources and services:


  • UAS-RNAi lines (GD, KK and shRNA libraries and toolkit stocks)
  • Plasmids used to create the GD lines (GD-DNA)
  • Heidelberg CFD CRISPR library (HD_CFD)
  • Vienna Tiles Enhancer Gal4 (VT-Gal4) driver lines
  • Tagged FlyFos TransgeneOme (fTRG) library
  • 'Other Resources' owned by other organizations and deposited with VDRC for maintenance and distribution, including mutant alleles, tagged constructs, RNAi lines and reporters.
  • Fly Extract


  • Private stock keeping (we will maintain and distribute your personal fly stock/plasmid collection on your behalf)
  • Community stock center (VDRC is open to donations of highly used Drosophila stocks for distribution to the scientific community)
  • On-site screening (come to Vienna and carry out your genomic screen at the VDRC or use our screening service)
  • Fly Food