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Library RNAi-TK
Construct Id 60101
Status available
VDRC Id 60101
Comment Control line for KK library landing site. Landing sites at 40D and 30B in KK library host strain have been separated by meiotic recombination. Line contains Gal4-responsive UAS repeats but no functional RNAi coding sequence at 40D and no transgene insertion at 30B. Enables researchers to test whether their genetic screen of interest will be affected by ectopic tiptop expression (see Vissers et al Nat. Comm. 2016. A Drosophila RNAi library modulates Hippo pathway-dependent tissue growth. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26758424).
Genotype 40D-UAS
ON Targets 0
OFF Targets 0
Left Primer empty
Right Primer empty
Template genomic
Sequence empty