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The VBCF offers several reagents and tools in the field of molecular biology that have been established and produced on campus; e.g. kits for nucleic acids purification or enzymes. The general idea was initiated at the core facility Molecular Biology Service (GMI/IMBA/IMP) and aimed to provide molecular tools of general interest but also individual solutions to enable research. Within the course of a strategic reformation of the VBC the institutes agreed to share value of this initiative with zero refund of establishing/development cost.

  • very cost efficient (eliminates barriers to scale up or try Blue Sky projects)
  • fast (no long ordering process, no delay by delivery or empty stocks)
  • daily pick up service (no shipment cost, low CO2 footprint)

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The products have proofed great reliability and performance often already for many years and have been used by hundreds of colleagues. Moreover, every individual LOT undergoes quality controls. However, we do not assume liability for the products.

Effective from July 1, 2023, we have adjusted our prices to account for inflation and index adaptation.

Who can register?

Academic groups: everybody working in an acedmic group can register (note that we might get in contact with the owner of the cost center/group leader to get approval).


Orders can be placed via this platform by anybody that an account; the corresponding cost center will be invoiced automatically and periodicly (TBC per quartal?).


Orders can usually be picked up the next work day by anyone from the research group.
The pick up place is in the entrance of VBC6 (Dr. Bohr Gasse 7) and is open from 9:00am- 9:30am.

Here some information about our general procedure:

If there are no pending orders, the pickup spot will be unattended. However, if there is a pending order, someone will be present daily, awaiting pickup until the order is collected. We hope for your collaboration in placing the order when you (or a lab member) intend to pick it up on the next day. This helps optimize efficiency and prevents unnecessary waiting for the person handing out the order.

We do not offer any shipments.