Ordering Process

How to Register

Before you place your first order, please register to setup your account:

  • Fill out and submit the registration form.
  • You will immediately receive an e-mail.
  • Your account will be activated within three working days. You will receive an email confirmation.

How to Order

  • Log into the website using your username & password.
  • If you do not have a username, please register first.
  • Select the iPSC line you require.
  • You are required to fill out following sections online, which will automatically be inserted into the MTA as ANNEX A: Study Protocol iPSC Biobank:

    • Title (min. 20 characters)
    • List Study Team and Affiliation (min. 100 characters)
    • Correspondence (min. 20 characters)
    • Experimental Plan: Requested Cell Lines, Study Design, Methods, Statistical Part, Study Timeline, Ethical Considerations, Data Protection, Risks, up to 5 References (min. 1000 characters)
    • Summary (min. 250 characters)
    • Rationale (min. 1000 characters)
    • Objectives: Aims, Hypothesis (min. 1000 characters)
  • The recipient scientist is also required to upload a one-page CV.
  • Submit your order and check out by providing your credit card information.
  • You will receive an email confirmation with the invoice and the respective Agreement attached in PDF format.
  • Provide us with the executed Agreement. We require you to have read and accept IMBA’s General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of iPS CELL Clones. Please make sure that the MTA is fully signed, i.e., by a legal representative of your institute, and you or your supervisor as the recipient scientist. Once you have obtained all required signatures on the MTA, please upload a pdf copy in your order overview.
  • You can review your order in your Order History.
  • For pricing information visit Pricing.

Shipping Information

  • In order to ship, we need your FedEx or DHL (China - DHL only) account number, your address and phone number, with which you will have to provide us during the registration.
  • You will get an E-Mail notification when your order is ready for shipment. Once the Agreement and order are finalized, we will get in touch with you to ensure that you are able to receive the order. We usually ship on Mondays.
  • ISCCF cannot take any responsibility for the condition of your order due to the shipment.
  • Please obtain full details of the legal requirements (e.g. Veterinary Permit for USA and Australia) of your country for importing stem cells and make sure that we have all required documents in place. For the USA and Canada we need a "TSCA Certification" signed by the recipient. Please, fill it out (except for the date, that will be filled in by us on the day of the actual shipment) and send it as a pdf file.
  • For non-EU countries we have a "Shipper's Declaration" at hand.